4 comments on “Online Pass

  1. Online Passes hurt the online community since most gamers aren’t stupid and won’t pay for an additional pass so multiplayer games will die out after only a few months except for the rare blockbuster titles like CoD. It hurts the resale/trade-in value. For people with mutliple consoles in the same house, we are used to sharing games so they are a terrible value compared to what we are used to getting. They are bad for gamers and bad for the industry.

    Boycott all games that comes with an Online Pass scheme and they’ll stop hoisting this crap on us. Vote with your wallet people.

  2. so if you to share the console with your brothers and sisters and you make an account for each person so whoever what to play has to buy a pass just play because not every one wants to let other people use their account to play in online matches and games are expensive now for you it may be $60 for me it’s $98-$110 for new games and i have to wait a long time before price comes down and they are used ones only new is still the same price

    • Downloading the pass onto the single console gives all of the accounts on said console access to it. Same with DLC.

  3. darkness2199, That is wrong, the online pass is shared on all accounts of a PS3 (Not sure about 360) So if the console has activated it and has it downloaded, anyone on said console can play online.

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